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  • With 50 years of experience, Nearen Construction has achieved a respected “know-how” in the general contracting profession.  Our management and field knowledge can be realized during different stages of construction and on varying project types and difficulty levels.

    Our team is experienced in the construction of commercial, industrial, healthcare, tenant build-outs and renovations. We are capable of controlling the process and have the resources to provide estimating, cost management, field supervision and administrative services. Another cornerstone of our management process is safety.  Creating and maintaining a safe jobsite is our number one priority. Our entire team has a responsibility to assure that everyone goes home safe at night.

    All of this combines to endorse Nearen as the primary builder or consultant of choice for our repeat and future clients.  Together we will deliver a safe project on time and within budget.

  • The Design/Build project delivery method is a turnkey solution that many owners and clients desire. In contrast to the owner handling the hiring of consultants, architects, testing agencies, contractors and other vendors, Nearen will organize these services in house so that the owner/client has a sole contact.

    The Design/Build option simplifies the construction process. Having a contractor brought in early enough to orchestrate the process as early as the design stage can ensure an integrated team, working together to turn the project over in a faster, more cost effective way. This approach creates an environment of transparency, collaboration and teamwork.

    Nearen has the means and method to serve as your master builder. Let us take your next project from design to construction.

  • Nearen’s involvement in the pre-construction and development stages of a project timeline is critical. Our initial goal is to help the customer validate the budget by reviewing the design documents, regardless of development stage, and setting target costs. As design progresses, Nearen will stay involved providing cost feedback and offering solutions to direct cost in the appropriate direction without impacting the quality. Cost estimates are offered in varying forms, from Conceptual to Detailed.

    In addition to cost analysis, our team can detect hurdles and make recommendations that can positively impact the schedule or constructability of the project. This helps all involved better understand the project from a construction perspective.

    Pre-construction is all about planning out the success of a project. Nearen uses the most up to date tools, technology and processes to help drive this process and ultimately the project costs while maintaining the integrity of the design.


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Our good fortune is achieved through our subcontractors and vendors working toward a common goal. Without qualified boots on the ground, none of this would be possible…

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