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Video Technology Helps Nearen Build Better

Every construction project, no matter what kind or who it is for, is affected by the same three things: cost, time, and quality. Given budget and time constraints, it’s often challenging to keep these three in check. However, the delicate balance of just enough time and cost to provide superior quality in a project is what Nearen always strives and stands for.

Our most recent success story involves a project in Mobile, Alabama. We were extremely fortunate to work with a developer that knows construction and just how intense a fast-paced project can be. During the pre-construction phase, we identified the schedule as a challenge but one that was achievable. After identifying such a challenge, we knew we would have to be able to dissect every day on the job…What days did we win, what days did we lose, if we lost the day, why? To accomplish that, we utilized live video technology on our jobsite. This enabled project team members (Owners, Architects, Engineers, etc) to remotely view the site. From a mobile app or computer, team members could log in, see the construction progress, and even view and track on-site weather conditions.

This was a critical addition to the project and allowed our team to learn how to be most efficient in the scheduling of this project. The information gathered from the monitoring and trade sequencing will also be extremely beneficial on future similar projects. This is just one of the ways Nearen strives to go beyond building to secure the good fortune of our future business and clients.

I hope you enjoy the video time lapse. Turn the music up and witness the progression of a well-orchestrated project.

All the best,
Austin Hall

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