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How Important is that Cup of Coffee….?

I don’t know about you, but I will say this: my morning routine always involves a few cups of black coffee. I enjoy it so much that most days it carries over into the afternoon! Some people say I drink too much coffee.

Have you ever thought about a cup of coffee as a symbolic gesture among people… I don’t know what it is, but I feel there is something special when folks share a cup of coffee together, be it in the morning or evening. I can think back to many days of seeing family members sitting around a kitchen table talking about the day ahead, or a table full of older gentlemen discussing what is right and wrong with the world and how they would do things differently. I even remember back to my first cup and how it made me feel just like my grandfather.

A cup of coffee gives people the opportunity to slow down, breathe it in and enjoy each other’s presence. In an age when nothing is fast enough and nobody has spare time, I hang tight to these moments where you can simply enjoy conversation and time with others. The ability to enjoy a cup of coffee early in the morning is a treat for me, and I think others would agree. Hope you all can find time to “waste” with someone over a cup of coffee.

—Austin Hall

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