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Good Luck, Go Win 2016!

It’s the past. 2015 is entirely in the past. 365 days have come and gone. It’s the time of year for everyone to reflect on the successes and failures of the year, to develop new goals and create those always important New Year’s resolutions.

Many of us will ask: “How successful were we in 2015? Where do we need to improve the most? How can we help one another be the best we can be? Did we win more days than we lost?”

As you ask these questions, I hope a more important question will be uncovered (as it was for me): “How am I measuring success?” Often times our focus shifts and pulls our attention from the true measure of our successes and our failures. My hope for you is that during 2016 you are blessed with success, you win more days than you lose, and you truly measure success by what is most important to you and your team.

Our Nearen team has been incredibly blessed. We have had amazing opportunities and have worked with incredible people. Our daily challenge as a company is to understand what we are here for, and to serve our clients, friends, and families effectively. This has been, and will continue to be our focus and is what will continue to catapult our team forward.
Again, I wish you all an extremely fruitful and blessed 2016. May it measure up how you would wish 365 days from now. Make each day count!
Here to Serve,
Austin Hall, President
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