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Be Like the Teacher

It’s that time of year for many families across our nation. Summer has come to a close, and children are heading back to school. This special time is certainly a milestone as kids grow and develop their own paths in life.

In fact, I recently had the chance to experience the importance of this benchmark as I attended my first “open house” with my oldest child, a brand new Kindergartner. After meeting the teacher and seeing where my child will spend the coming days, I could not help but think about the big picture here. I was overwhelmed with gratitude as I reflected on all that school means to parents and their children, the life-changing benefits school offers, the sacrifices made by so many for the growth of a student, and the people that make it happen.

If you’re like me, you can look back on your own school years and think of that teacher or administrator—and maybe there are many—who encouraged you, challenged you, and shaped you in those formative years. In fact, several of my family members are in the teaching profession, and I can assure you that these men and women dedicate themselves to our children’s development well beyond their compensation. Many times, teachers spend their own dollars, resources, and time to benefit their students, and no one is telling them to do this. I’m amazed at how much teachers care about others’ children and what they become as if they are their own.

Teachers are partners in a child’s development from an early age, and in many instances, they are the one person that a child can count on. Since the youth of today will be our future leaders, co-workers, and team members, it is imperative to ensure this generation of young minds and spirits is brought up with respect, courage, and compassion. And what an example of servant leadership we can find in our teachers, who go beyond the call of duty to bring up this next generation.

So I encourage us all to be like the Teacher. Take care of people, don’t make it about the money, put others before yourself, and go make an impact.

We’re wishing a great year to all the students heading back into the classrooms, as well as to the administrators, teachers, aides, staff, campus police, and the countless others who give of themselves to build and encourage the next generation together.

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