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An Attitude of Gratitude

We have arrived at yet another Fall season, another Thanksgiving, and another soon to be Christmas! As we all start to breakout the typical agendas for this time of year, I have been challenged to ask myself why now? Why do we short ourselves and the people around us to only roll out the “I’m thankful for you” cards once a year…

As I prepared this year for our Thanksgiving Luncheon (the 5th annual for our team at Nearen), I challenged myself to say something different, so that everyone may understand how much they are appreciated. As time drew near and schedules got in the way, I reverted to the same protocol as years prior: long work hours and few sincere conversations with those I surround myself with. This holiday is about people, which is very true; however, it’s the depth of which we show people compassion, love, kindness, and grace that sometimes matters most. The world today is moving at an extremely fast pace. Everyone wants things done yesterday. They want to push forward as rapidly as possible in a work now, talk later mentality. I’m guilty of this as I push and work as much as I am able. I have recently realized if I keep it up I’ll remain very successful in business but may miss countless opportunity to show appreciation or even make memories with the ones I am closest too.

This is the time of year that we all gather and express our thankfulness for the ones around us. I love this time of year but deeply wish that we didn’t allow our calendars to dictate when we should show gratitude. The appreciation that’s in our hearts and on our lips should not be limited by a calendar, people, family, friends, co-workers, or strangers. It’s an attitude that can become contagious. I challenge you all to carry this attitude not just during the dates set before us but everyday. It will be a blessing to you and others.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Nearen family.

Austin Hall, President

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