Nearen Construction


We are Nearen Construction Company. For 50 years now we have been building well. To us, building well is about more than just moving dirt or building a structure. It is about more than technical expertise and attention to detail. That part is a given. Building well is about trust and long term satisfaction. It is about experience. It is about relationships. It is about family. It is about Building Together. We are Nearen Construction company. We Build Together.

Nearen Construction Company is an established construction company that began in Cullman, Alabama. For over 50 years, Nearen Construction Company has provided planning, construction, construction management and design-build services for retail, commercial, institutional, and industrial clients.

Our company is based on a strong foundation anchored by safety, speed, integrity and value. This foundation gives us the stability to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients while continuing to pursue our commitment to exceeding quality and service expectations.

James W. Nearen, 1965

Nearen Construction, 1965


In 1964, James Nearen founded Nearen Construction Company. His vision of a more personal approach to the construction business created a strong relationship with clients. Some of these have lasted over five decades, which has resulted in a higher industry standard of quality. Mr. Nearen’s philosophy was that you always “work a little harder” for a friend.

In the early 1980’s until 2013, Tommy Ross served as President. During his years of service, he assembled an incredible team. And with their hard work, helped grow the company into one of the southeasts premier commercial retail builders.

Austin Hall joined Nearen in 2011 as Vice President of Operations. He has operated the company as President since 2012. Austin wants to continue to build on the foundation that was laid many years before. Knowing that sometimes progress means change. But keeping in mind what made us special from the beginning, and that is relationships.

Throughout the years, our team has worked in numerous states throughout the southeast. Though retail centers have been our focus, we have expanded our building portfolio to; medical facilities, banks, schools, multi-level buildings and industrial centers.

What has made Nearen successful is our team. They have a passion for their business and care about the company and its clients.