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A Memorial Day Tribute

For many, Memorial Day brings on a flood of emotions as they remember the dedicated men and women who lost their lives in ultimate sacrifice for our country and for our freedom. But for some, Memorial Day has lost its meaning. For some, it is simply a day away from the office, a day to grill or go to the lake, and a day to forget the challenges of life. And while we are free to celebrate and to enjoy the freedoms and benefits of this country, this year, I challenge us all to dig deeper to truly understand the tremendous impact and value of what these incredible heroes did for our country’s sake.

I do not take lightly my ability to practice my religious beliefs, to share my thoughts freely, to raise a family, to own a gun, to work, to farm, and the list goes on. The things that make America great are things that are bought at a great price. Through their brave service, the men and women who gave their lives in the armed forces believed our country, our freedom, and the freedom of our family and friends is something worth dying for. They cared enough about others that they were willing to risk it all. Still today, and for the foreseeable future, we will continue to see this dedication unfold. That dedication is as important today (some would say even more important) as it was years ago. As it has always been.

So this Memorial Day, let us all remember that we receive the benefits of this great nation, because of the men and women who built this nation together. The men and women who gave their lives believing that America, its people, and its freedom is something worth dying for. They believed America is worth it.

Austin Hall, President
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